It is our mission to offer progressive services and products in a complex market, in co-creation with our clients, and in doing so to create a successful and healthy business. Another equally important part of the mission is to be an innovative employer: a flat, non-hierarchical organisation in which people are stimulated and supported in such a way that their personal potential can be optimally expressed. We want to give people the opportunity to develop their own professional, creative abilities and thus contribute to the first part of the mission. The combination of these two mission statements makes our company unique and innovative.


To put it most simply, our services consist of consultancy, project management, development and engineering in the field of technical and industrial automation. That in itself is not unique. Rather, what makes us unique is the way we work (together) and the ambition we have. But at Strypes, services are about something special. After all, we are talking about a unique, technically complex field of expertise. With unusual, often very demanding questions and problems. Our own wisdom is therefore one of the core values of our company.

Our Why, How, What

Our projects often have a tremendous impact on (business) processes, products and organisations. What we do is often directly visible in the way we find the solution or in the innovative power of the solution we offer. As a result, what we do is always very relevant for companies, people and society. That is a beautiful fact. It is the sum of our ‘why’ and our ‘how’, and that always results in a special ‘what’.

Not wanting to be the biggest, but wanting to be the best
We consciously look for complex projects, because this is where we see the most opportunities to stand out. Striving for groundbreaking solutions challenges our employees and gives our clients a competitive edge.

We want to be the best employer
Our mission can only succeed if we are able to find the best people to work with us. That’s why Strypes aspires to be the best possible employer, inspiring talented professionals to be creative, to make their own contribution, to grow personally and to develop professionally. It goes without saying that job satisfaction and an informal, collegial atmosphere are an important part of this.

We mobilise knowledge and invest in innovation
Our organisation focuses with small teams on various solution areas. This ensures strong, mutual involvement. It makes it easy for us to share knowledge. If we want to continue to be at the forefront of technology, we must continue to develop ourselves. Learning and innovation are part of the job and we facilitate this in time and money.

Strypes makes a difference

Within our vision, an organisation that really makes a difference is aimed at serving customers as well as possible and ensuring that employees develop to the maximum and feel involved in the company. Growth and profit for the organisation are derived from growth and profit for our clients and our employees, not a goal in itself. Wondering how Strypes can help your organisation improve? Get in touch.

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