The AA process framework contributes to a controlled, demonstrable and managable development process. Instead of writing complex plans and having to implement them in the team, we opt for a lean process with the AA process framework. The AA process framework makes the WHY and HOW transparent. The team determines, in cooperation with our consultants, the WHAT and so the right tooling is set up. This creates process ownership by the team.

Predictable project management

The AA process framework provides the basis for assigning responsibility to the teams themselves and allowing projects to be carried out in a controlled manner.

Demonstrable and traceable

By applying the process framework, a controlled, transparent process is carried out. Documents and code are up-to-date and complete throughout the process.

Improvement of

When improving tooling, we do not start by selecting tooling, but rather begin by working with the team to clarify the process and the goals we want to achieve.

Continuous improvement

Under the guidance of our consultants, we ensure that the team continues to improve continuously. We improve productivity, costs, quality and turnaround time.

With the AA process framework, we ensure a rapid ramp-up of development teams. Both in terms of predictability and quality. The process framework also provides a solid basis for configuration management. After a short learning period, the teams were able to become self-managing and master the process and tools.


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AA Process Framework

The Strypes development philosophy offers a model in which solutions and improvements are successfully implemented within your organisation, bringing together people, process, technique/tools and organisation. Wondering how the AA process framework can help your organisation improve? Get in touch.

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