DICTEE is an application developed entirely within Strypes to speed up your software development through code generation. This tool allows you to model specifications and generate code for all possible PLC platforms. In combination with open source tooling, we can set up a complete development infrastructue
that enables continuous integration.

Readable designs for everyone

The application of Model Driven Engineering at DICTEE ensures that all parties involved can speak the same ‘language’ to each other.


Model Driven 

Using a domain-specific model, the design remains close to the specifications, making it easier and quicker to set up.

A single tool for your

Our application is easy to link with systems to perform input, output and validation. This results in a further quality improvement.

Maximising profits
in development

Strypes believes it is important that the investment involved in a development weighs up against the actual profit that is made.

With DICTEE we can give your development infrastructue a flying start. As a result, you will quickly make profits in various areas. By applying DICTEE, you reduce the development time of the software and you can quickly see the result of what has been specified. We refer to this as ‘shortening the loop’. From a traditional paper-based working method, we collaborate with you to make the transition to a smart development street that is set up entirely according to your needs, so that your development costs are drastically reduced and stakeholders can continuously be involved in the desired result.

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The Strypes development philosophy offers a model in which solutions and improvements are successfully implemented within your organisation, bringing together people, process, technique/tools and organisation. Wondering how DICTEE can help your organisation improve? Get in touch.

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