Current automation systems often use graphical user interfaces based on SCADA. However, the wishes in the field of operations are increasing. Developments such as Digital Twin are becoming increasingly important. The HTML-GUI can offer a suitable solution. The HTML-GUI can function on any conceivable PLC or PC platform and is also very user-friendly. There is also no lock-in with suppliers and the system puts an end to (difficult) migrations of operational systems.


With the HTML-GUI we are able to set up education and training systems that can be accessed by every user from the browser.

Five layers

For the development of the HTML-GUI, Strypes has developed an architecture model that consists of five important basic components.


The HTML-GUI can be solved redundantly, whereby the application switches over to the redundant system with an impactless and efficient process.

Advantages of transition

The transition from the traditional SCADA packages to a GUI based on web technology brings a number of advantages.

With the HTML-GUI, it is possible to pave the way for further optimisations of your development process and prepare your systems for the future. With this GUI you link the choice for a control platform separate from the visualisation to the end user, while the end user always keeps the same look & feel.


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The Strypes development philosophy offers a model in which solutions and improvements are successfully implemented within your organisation, bringing together people, process, technique/tools and organisation. Wondering how the HTML-GUI can help your organisation improve? Get in touch.

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