Based on our practical experiences, Strypes has developed a growth model. With this model, the Maturity Framework, we are able to share our knowledge in every organisation in a conscious and controlled manner. The Maturity Framework provides different levels of knowledge sharing.

Self-managing teams

When implementing new techniques, processes or tools, the desired result is not always achieved. The Maturity framework is then based on the crucial factor: Man.

6 steps growth model

With the help of six predefined phases, a trajectory is designed from the inventory of the wishes to the implementation and measurements of the results.

In-house tooling

Strypes has developed various tools for the implementation of qualitative process improvements.

Success criteria

By applying the right combination of team culture, the right objectives and the corresponding processes and tools, we bring organisations further in knowledge, quality and/or innovations.

With the Maturity Framework, we transfer knowledge of our solutions to your organisation. Using our six-step model, we work closely together to identify your objectives. Based on these objectives, we assess the current organisation and draw up a customised implementation plan.


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Maturity Framework

We believe that implementing a solution for improvement and change is more than just bringing in tools. The success of such an implementation is the right combination of people, process, tools and organisation. The Strypes development philosophy offers a model in which solutions and improvements are successfully implemented within your organisation, bringing together people, process, technique/tools and organisation. Wondering how the Maturity Framework can help your organisation improve? Get in touch.

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