Optimisation and control of processes

In the Transportation and Infrastructure market, the impact of automation continues to grow. Without a properly functioning control system of an infrastructure object, other systems do not function and objects cannot be opened.

In this market, Strypes’ consultants are knowledge carriers in the field of automation and the integrality of that automation with the desired functionalities and other systems.


Transition to smarter systems

The energy market is facing increasingly complex and challenging issues. There is an increasing demand for renewable energy, and at the same time a reduced predictability of energy production due to an expanding share of renewable energy sources. The design of energy systems and the integration with other installations, especially within the Transport and Infra market, also form a complex playing field in terms of technology, design knowledge and the coordination of interfaces.


Integration and innovation in automation

The demand for high quality and safe food, chemical products and medicines is rapidly increasing. The Food and Pharma market is continually changing.

Strypes’ consultants are knowledge carriers in this market in the field of automation, innovation and the applicable laws and regulations.


Leading the way through innovation

In today’s Industry 4.0 era, innovation, standardisation and safety play a significant role in staying ahead of your competitors. Strypes focuses on the application of Industry 4.0 in your organisation and your production process, and provides the knowledge needed to do so.


Smart solutions in the High Tech market

The High Tech market is one of the most important market areas contributing to innovative technological developments. With our Software Development Center, we combine innovation and technical know-how to develop the most suitable solution for our clients. This enables us to stay ahead in innovation together with you.


Strypes makes a difference

Within our vision, an organisation that really makes a difference is aimed at serving customers as effectively as possible and ensuring that employees develop to the maximum and feel involved with the company. Growth and profit for the organisation are derived from growth and profit for our clients and our employees, not an objective in itself. Are you interested in how we can make a difference for your organisation? Get in touch.

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