Our employees have professional backgrounds at both Rijkswaterstaat and contractors and knowledge institutes. In recent years, we have contributed to the development and application of infrastructure projects for various leading clients. In short, we know the playing field and are able to supervise and execute complex issues and projects in the Transport & Infrastructure market. Our starting point is always the combination of 24/7 performance, 100% reliability and maximum safety.

Expertise of Strypes

  • Integration and advice on the technical layout of traffic centres (including roadside technology)
  • Specification, design (J-STD-016) and development of operating systems
  • Integration, testing and test automation of control systems
  • Model Based Systems Engineering of Technical Installations (TI)
  • Enterprise Architect/SysML
  • Design and integration of tunnel, bridge and lock standards
  • Functional safety, focusing on man and machine with machinery directive
  • Technology behind monitors and remote control
  • Software standardisation and generation
  • Projectmanagement

Our approach

Strypes focuses on collaboration on a wide range of aspects. Along with technical knowledge, Strypes also offers consultancy in the field of process, quality and management for your project. We can assist on a project basis, provide expertise or act as a partner in tender procedures. Each of our technical specialists has mastered and are able to apply Agile methods. We are also able to guide your organisation in the transformation from a traditional design organisation to a model driven design organisation. This makes it possible to solve complex problems within the Transportation and Infrastructure market efficiently, in a controlled and straightforward manner.

Our services

Strypes offers its knowledge in the manner best suited to your project or organisation. Our knowledge service can be provided as:

  • Fixed project teams with their own quality methodology, so that the software development process can be demonstrably and traceably executed from front to back.
  • Consultancy.
  • Apply our Maturity Framework to grow and improve your organisation.

Working together on mission critical automation in complex environments, ensuring a safe, connected and mobile world.


Our projects often have a tremendous impact on (business) processes, products and organisations. This makes what we do very relevant for companies, people and society. We like to share our ideas, experience and knowledge in our stories. Together we contribute to a better world.

Strypes makes a difference

Within our vision, an organisation that really makes a difference is aimed at serving customers as effectively as possible and ensuring that employees develop to the maximum and feel involved with the company. Growth and profit for the organisation are derived from growth and profit for our clients and our employees, not an objective in itself. Are you interested in how we can make a difference for your organisation? Get in touch.

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