Our client is a world player in the field of material handling systems and is especially known for baggage sorting systems at airports. The technique to return all passengers their own baggage upon arrival is very complex. Strypes has already been active internationally at various airports for this client.

Each airport is different

Strypes employee Joost Kisters, for example, worked as Project Manager Engineering for airports in Eindhoven, Nairobi, St Petersburg and Saudi Arabia, covering both existing and newly constructed terminals: “Passengers only know the front end of baggage handling, waiting at the check-in desk and at the conveyor belt. But there is a whole system behind this. The system is controlled using advanced software. The baggage is not only transported and sorted but is also screened for prohibited goods”.


“The situation is different at every airport, so it is always tailor-made. That’s why I went to the location itself a lot, in order to be able to manage the situation on the spot. With new buildings, you often have to deal with contradictions on the drawings. For example, a pipeline is drawn on the spot where your assembly line needs to be in the system layout. The tension then builds up in order to realise everything within the planning and cost estimate. We’ve always succeeded in this, though”.

All-round industrial automation

Despite all the differences, industrial and logistical processes also have great similarities. After this client, Joost took on a project in the pharmaceutical industry. He was able to apply the knowledge he gained from the integration of various parties and systems there as well. By gaining broad experience, Strypes professionals are increasingly developing themselves as all-round industrial automators.

Strypes makes a difference

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