Medicines are manufactured and packaged under the strictest controlled conditions and this requires specialised technology. One of our pharmaceutical specialists led two projects for the Dutch branch of an international pharmaceutical company: the replacement of the HVAC control and an Environmental Monitoring System (SCADA) in a production building.

Catching up

In the pharmaceutical industry, medicines are produced and packaged in so-called ‘clean rooms’, rooms with purified air and precisely controlled temperature and humidity. The equipment that regulates this climate is separated from the equipment it controls and, if necessary, gives an alarm signal. Strypes’ consultant worked as a project leader on both systems. His first assignment consisted of replacing a SCADA system for monitoring clean-room conditions. “The equipment was running on 15-year-old software in an NT environment and was at the end of its life cycle. A great deal of catching up was necessary in order to continue to comply with the regulations”.

From URS to delivery

The assignment consisted of project leadership over the entire installation from design to commissioning. Our consultant was responsible for a new User Requirements Specification (URS) and the (draft) technical design of the new system. He was also the client for the necessary SCADA software, for which he selected a specialist software company as a partner. The new system, including a new Historian server, 3 PLCs, 2 SCADA servers with clients and thin client, has now been put into operation. The client is now up-to-date for the coming years.

HVAC system

Our consultant was also in charge of the project management for the replacement of Siemens’ HVAC control system. Obsolete equipment was also replaced in this project. In addition, the entire control system was decentralised in order to carry out better maintenance and all cables and sensors were also replaced.

Farm specialists

“This industry is not just about the technique of monitoring, it is also about demonstrating what is happening. A huge burden of proof is required and you have to work to detailed standards. At Strypes, we now have several people with solid experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to the requested technique, we also have a great deal of knowledge of GMP regulations. This enables us to offer complete solutions.

Strypes makes a difference

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