Clean, healthy and affordable tap water is so self-evident in our country that hardly anyone wonders how it is ‘made’. Several individuals at Strypes are working on the technology behind this product at a drinking water company in the Netherlands.

Functional design for clean water

This client is working on a large-scale project to renew all drinking water treatment plants. Both groundwater and surface water from the Biesbosch will be used as raw materials for a step-by-step filtering and purification process. We are responsible for a number of designs of the technology, with which, among other things, pumps, filters and sensors are controlled and read out.

It starts with mapping out how the current process works. To do this, the old documentation needs to be examined and there are discussions with the operators. As the documentation is often outdated and the operators are not familiar with all the ins and outs, this is a difficult job. Subsequently, the wishes of operators and process technologists must also be recorded. All this information serves as input for the new design. When this design is ready, a HazOp session (to discuss the risks) is held with those involved, after which the document is finalised. It is then up to the programmer to programme this.

Ready for a clean future

The new system is ready for the future. Standardisation makes future maintenance easier and reduces the risk of errors.

Strypes makes a difference

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